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Brendan & Trisha, the duo behind BT Wines, have spent years researching and experimenting with a wide variety of grapes and processes to make their idea a reality, to create truly unique wines, ones which marry the peat lands of Ireland with grape varieties everyone knows and loves.

Product Range: Irish Peated Wines are a first of their kind in the world and are comprised of Pinot Noir & Pinot Blanc grapes from the Rheinhessen and Pfalz regions in Germany and Peat which is sourced locally in West Limerick. Maturation of the wine, similar to the Oaking process, ensures the wines have ample time to settle and develop a complex palate and this results in an inviting ruby red colour with the Pinot Noir. On the nose, there is the comforting aroma of Peat and on the palate, it is rich and rounded yet retains its lightness which is characteristic of classic Pinot Noir. The Pinot Blanc offers a slightly different tasting experience with strong earthy notes on the nose and on the initial taste, however the Peat mellows as you continue to enjoy your first and second glass of Irish Peated Pinot Blanc. The wines are a truly unique experience.

Category: Beverages

Contact: Brendan Reddin  |  0872465056       
                Trisha Kelly  |  0871212262

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Main St., Foynes, Co. Limerick

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